About the Author

69374936_505640950170247_5136931798281879552_nMy name is Nelson Jenig.  Yes, Nelson is my first name.  Yes, I know my parents are crazy.

I am studying at Aurora University for my Master’s in Social Work (MSW).  I graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Psychology at Purdue University and quickly learned that was NOT the path for me; hence, the MSW.  I was born in Chicago, Illinois along with my twin sister, Ryane, and raised in the suburb of Romeoville.

I started journaling about four years ago, as a way to deal with my daily struggles and my clustered thoughts.  With the death of my twin sister, I decided to publicly journal to possibly help others, while faith-fully journeying this walk.  I can only hope that my life experiences could possibly help others in the future.

The topics I write about range from health to faith to life advice to random observations.  Overall, this is a place for me to begin to understand my grief and how to survive in this crazy world with life’s ups and downs.  I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for the constant love & support ❤

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**This blog is devoted to my sister, Ryane.   She constantly made other people feel loved and truly accepted for who they are.  I want to continue to spread this message through these posts and my actions.  Because she truly brightened the world with everything she did.  ❤

Ryane Jenig: May 30, 1996 – October 1, 2016


Love you always Ryane.