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Introduction Posts:

One Half of Another  – Explanation on where the name of my blog came from

The Journey Begins  – What my blog represents

My Journey – Engineer to Social Worker  – My journey to finding my passion!

About the Author  – My author page

Grief, Loss, and Love Posts:

To choose love – What is unconditional love, and how can it be achieved?

The Price of Grief  – Poem on the price of grief and what grief does to you

My Built in Best Friend  – Memorial post for Ryane

Unable are the Loved to die –  Our loved one’s are with us every day, see how in this post!

Advice Posts:

How To: Listening  – What is really means to listen

The Glamour of City Living  – Tips on living in Chicago!

How to get over: the Fear Of Missing Out  – If you have ever experience FOMO, check this post out

Raise your hand if you feel stuck…  –  If you have ever felt in a rut, click this link!

Faith Posts:

The Power of Psalm 91  – If you are anxious because of something, check this post out!

Travel  Posts:

Italia Travel – Venice Edition

Italia Travel – Florence Edition

Italia Travel – Rome Edition

Finance Posts:

The Latte Factor — Investing in your Future (Part I)

Student Loans & the Latte Factor – Part II

Health Posts:

30 Days of Healthy Living  –  30 day challenge of healthy living and how I did it!

I will continue to add all my new posts here under the respective categories.  Please enjoy! ❤



Nellie Ray